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"We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe Braulio and Damian compare notes/theories about Horacio and whether or not he is a cold blooded murderer… Braulio says Horacio told him while in jail that he was forced by Gabino to go after Lucio and got Nina.Dam spills to Gabino right away that he knows he was behind Nina’s death.Montserrat Mendoza(Boyer) is a beautiful young woman who's family is in danger of financial ruin.After Montserrat ruins her engagement to her boyfriend, to save their wealth, her conniving...

Ana Paula fights to set herself free from her powerful and short-tempered husband Rogelio whom she met while working at the Hacienda ...

Gall grabs Gabino by his plaid shirt neck, suddenly missing his mommy a bit, asks Gabino not-so-nicely what he did to ‘Miss Ingrid’… Dam prevents Gall from beating the teeth out of Gabino. Dam and Braulio agree that they can’t prove anything against Gabino. Dam invites Gall to a drink, but Gall suddenly feels the need to report home to his lovely wife in time for dinner.

At quinta, Carmina continues to tease Elisa about Dam needing a woman like her (Carmina). Elisa is certain Dam would never do the tango with a woman like Carmina.

he teases her to do some eating up each other in bed instead of eating the chicken… (Alfie insist Elisa is unstable in her feelings/decisions)…

But Lolita, knowing her husband is alive, is feeling very uncomfortable because she is, after all, still a married woman. Dam meets Alfie at table for breakfast, Alfie immediately questions him about coming home late… You realize nothing you tell me has the same effect it used to anymore? I know my decision to marry Elisa is not in the top 10 of your christmas wish list for this year. In case I marry Elisa, will you disherit me as you have warned me?

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Gabino tells Dam that Alfie ordered him to go after Horacio.

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