Andrej pejic height dating true blood s04e11 online dating

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Andrej pejic height dating

That wouldn’t be such a good idea now because I wouldn’t be able to fit into womenswear.” His friends and family have been supportive throughout. She finds every picture of me and has them on every wall.

“But now I’m comfortable in my skin, and for my look to be celebrated is great. When I started experimenting, it was a personal decision because I was unhappy.In August 2012, Andreja was a guest judge on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model.Andreja eats a disciplined diet to maintain her figure.Tonight he will be back in women’s clothing, modelling on the catwalk for Vivienne Westwood as part of London Fashion Week. “I’m comfortable doing both,” he says, “although womenswear is more glamorous. In menswear I have to work more at having a masculine presence. If they put me in, say, a rubbish bag and I feel completely unattractive, I still have to show it to its potential.” Pejic’s androgenous look is entirely his own creation – today, for instance, he’s wearing a light grey micro-mini dress, thick black tights and biker boots.“Around the age of 14, I decided to experiment with my look,” he explains.

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