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We would employ our dazzling personalities and surround ourselves with our well-connected friends to cover up our shame. Also there are always plenty of attention-seeking curators to place in front of our bloated bodies while the cameras of the international press followed our every move.

After a few days of appearing at all our friends’ events, we started to notice that we were able to button the snaps on our pants.

The Biennial Project has always had a special camaraderie with the former Soviet Asian Nations like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan or any of the other 'stans’. We knew exactly the location of this pavilion being positioned near The Palazzo Grazzi and the pavilions of Iran, Estonia, and Slovenia.

We partied hard with the Slovenian accordion players our first night in town.

You have to decide if you want to remain famished and possibly look at some art or if you want to wait in line for hours either in the stuffy, over-stimulating café or wait outside in the hot, Italian sun.

We had the very special privilege of waiting in the pouring rain for hours only to get yet another over-microwaved frozen pizza for twice as many Euros then we would have paid outside the gate.

The indentations on our skin from our too tight undergarments were not as red, deep or long lasting when we undressed.

When hungry, stop in the first restaurant you see with a free table.Even if we knew where to find them we did not know that The Central Asian Pavilion was located on the very top floor of the Palazzo Maipiero on San Marco 3199-3201.Climbing the narrow stairs to see the work of our friends Natalia Andrianova or Artyom Ernst reminded us of our hike up Zailisky Alatau Mountain overlooking the beaches of Lake Issyk-Kul. We took that excursion last April with the artists Said ATABEKOV, Galim MADANOV and Zauresh TEREKBAY.We have a theory that there is one central kitchen located way beneath the island that sends the same microwaved meals to all the restaurants via conveyor belt.After a few days of grazing like this, the sight of another over-priced, over-microwaved, frozen pizza will make your stomach turn and you will start to notice yourself skipping meals. There are only two places to buy food and they each seem to be understaffed.

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The first Bridge coming from the bus Station, the newest bridge in Venice, Ponte della Constituzione (but nearly everyone in Venice calls it the Ponte di Calatrava) seemed to be designed to punish the out of shape, over-packed, American tourists.