Fairy tail 2014 episode 84 online dating

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The thing that bugged me about "I've stolen her five senses" the most is that there are more than 5 senses (in fact, there are 20 or so known senses; again, who knows how many senses people in Fairy Tail land have) yeah, you got a point.

But if there is no touch receptors to send signals to the brain about pain, how are she supposed to feel it. If you have no receptors there, how are the signal supposed to get to the brain. Apperently, this fight didn't have much logic or science in it.

I still don't understand the senses thing, if her curse is strengthening then how can she even affect the senses (besides strengthening them)? I could enjoy the Acnologia x Igneel part because that was actually amazing.

But the total amount of BULLSHIT that Erza x Kyoka match has is too fucking much. It was formerly believed that pain was overload of the sense of pressure (which falls under "touch"); however, the pain receptors are distinct from pressure receptors.

Drfilthy_dub said: Omfg seriously the amount of hate on this episode is absolutely ridiculous fairy tail is at an amazing part of the anime I thought this episode was fucking great ok animation may not have been perfect all the way through but the build up to face was fantastic and I didn't expect it at the end.

Also the acnologia and igneel fight was fucking awesome and the natsu and Mard geer one is heating up to not to mention how great the story telling was. Ichigostar234 said: Fairy Tail on that Nakama power up again, but this is on a whole new level of derpiness.

Then again, it's hard to say how people's brains work in Fairy Tail land.I mean could Hiro not think of an other way to fix this fight? i guess.b the creator's were so confident about that the viewers must have remembered about her artificial eye thing they never bothered to explain her tolerance/resistance level ... It's hard to say what kind of effect Kyouka's curse would have on the CNS, but the pain areas of the brain are also distinct from the touch areas just as the pain receptors are distinct from touch receptors (pain seems to be registered in the anterior cingulate cortex, whereas the sense of touch is located in the postcentral gyrus).Gladly I had already read the manga so I already knew of this but fuck these two episodes were a waste. Then again, it's hard to say how people's brains work in Fairy Tail land. Felt more like a battle of wills and about what they are fighting for rather than just who is superior. ---------------------------------------- Eh, I think the fight between Erza and Kyoka in their encounter this episode was okay.

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I swear that's her only purpose, as doujinshi bait for some bdsm with Erza.

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