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Geek 2 geek dating

The LORD also directed Joshua on how to conduct his military campaign and politics over the course of his life.

Indeed, in Joshua’s example we found what happened when he DIDN’T seek God for council regarding military enemies that posed as ambassadors.

One crucial element is to know His word (and not merely a polluted paraphrase of it such as The Message.) It’s amazing just how few Christians have read the Bible, much less memorized as much of it as they could.

That simple effort would help blunt them from falling for many of the heresies that exist in the church today.

We have numerous examples of the LORD directing military strategy, politics, and people’s financial decisions as long as they sought Him for answers.

They may even wow you with “prophecies” that reveal intimate details about your life that no one else would know. It depends on a few factors: the message would not contradict Scripture, for one.Will God indeed direct our course as long as we are willing to cede our will to His own?I absolutely believe it, and the Bible provides ample proof of this. And since you're a superhero as well, protect your home with our selection security gadgets! Check out our selection of spy gadgets to aid you on your next mission (if you choose to accept it).

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Again this is where knowledge of Scripture is crucial, because this attitude is completely unbiblical.