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But that policy only helps some people -- tens of millions of Americans are currently uninsured.Chatbots like Life Folder's Emily have popped up to mimic conversations with healthcare workers to help people plan.

But you can't tell Emily things like, "I'm a very spiritual person but I'm scared of death." You know, human things.

The bot, the paper states, has a neutral mode, and pro-spiritual mode.

In the neutral mode, the bot keeps things functional and doesn't respond to the user's religious bent.

The interaction with ‘god’ was meaningless, because it didn’t answer my questions appropriately. Splotchy is a bot, who keeps the chat fun and interactive. Author’s View: The aforementioned AI websites can be a good source of pass-time and entertainment.

However, after a while it could get monotonous and boring when you realise it’s getting repetitive.

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Such websites are designed on the AI algorithm where you can interact with the machine in your leisure time for fun . Breeze through them, you might just feel the urge of trying out one!

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