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Using the wrong method to redact your electronic file, or even a printed document, means that information you assume you’ve removed is actually still visible, even searchable.Here are four methods simply by selecting sensitive information or areas to redact, and then generating a redacted PDF document in which that sensitive data has been properly Wim Temmerman, Sales Director EMEA You have to protect sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.Often that’s simply good business practice, like if you’re sending out competitive data or responding to an RFP with company information.Google, the story went, simply could not decipher the contents of a non-HTML document.

However, optimizing PDFs for search requires SEOs to follow a slightly different set of rules.

It can be a matter of protecting confidential business information, company secrets and even complying with federal mandates to remove sensitive information from view by prying eyes.

Let Foxit Redactor for Office give you peace of mind you’re using proper redaction methods.

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