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Remember when we showed you that video of Sanaa Lathan hanging with Diddy and seeming cuddling up with French Montana???

Well the actress is responding to rumors that Khloe Kardashian’s ex is her new boo and promoting her upcoming film at the same time. Frenchie thinks Sanaa’s “The Perfect Guy” poster is hilarious and that she’s a “legend”…

New Year’s Eve is celebrated at Sid’s apartment and just about everyone gets drunk by night’s end.

The Best Man was a modestly popular 1999 comedy-drama with a completely African-American ensemble cast.Dre exhibits remarkable perseverance in trying to start a music label.spiritual content: Sid wears a gold cross pendant throughout the movie.But their growing feelings for each other don’t stop Dre from suddenly marrying Reese, leaving a jealous Sid to drift into a serious relationship with NBA star Kelby Dawson.As the story meanders along, Sid and Dre must deal with the personal and professional changes in their lives—and figure out exactly where they fit with each other.

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Advising her on how to look more attractive, one of Sid’s friends tells her that she needs to "dangle" (the next scene shows Sid in a tight red dress with a plunging neckline).

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